Monday, December 28, 2009

What's with the 5 layers?

Just in case any one was wondering, after a weekend of TV watching and getting pounded on the head every commercial break with the new 5 Layer T-Bell creation I decided to check it out.

5 layers for only $.89 what's the catch right?

The catch is don’t assume theses guys are skimpy and order 3.

3-Chedder Cheese
4-Sour Cream
5-Nacho Cheese
rolled up and stuffed in 2 shells

in a word….. AMAZING!

So next time you are thinking outside the bun go ahead and feast on 5 layers of south of the boarder heaven for just $.89.

- Too early to report on the pass through. Just got back from lunch.

- Other catch it should be noted that the Saukville T-Bell thinks they are located in the high rent district and do to Saukville's inflation rate an $.89 burrito will cost you $1.09


  1. UPDATE: Pass through was not the colon blow I was anticipating but good nonetheless.
    Consumed 12:30 pm passed 2:40 pm. Went to the office basement facilities so I could be uninterrupted. This plan back fired as some guy needed to piss. But I got through a Chicago Tribune article summarizing what went wrong with the bears in 09. Insert joke here.

    All in all that was a good $1.09 spent.

  2. Saukville T Bell pushed me into getting the "Free Black Taco" checked the receipt after eating everything and they had charged me a dollar for the "Free Taco" What a rip and the taco sucked!

  3. I think I'll have to give that a whirl. The Cheesy Double Beef Burrito is also a steal for 89 cents. Although most of the larger 89 cent stuff at the new Brown Deer rd. T-Bell is also
    $1.09 and that's in the fucking ghetto. Figure that one out...

  4. I would like to report that the Glendale Taco Bell is holding the line on the $.89 price. The problem with the Glendale taco Bell is that it is a bitch to get to if you are coming from the north. Illegal U-turns are the way to go to get to this place.