Monday, January 25, 2010

Enough Favre, Let's talk Crew

Yeah Favre tossed another INT, is he coming back? Is this it? WHO CARES!!!!!!!

Let's talk Crew....

(Let's start with some great Crew staches from the past)

Now to the Present...

Tommy H’s take on the Prince contract situation. He gives a nice perspective with the Rangers and Teixeira.

The short version is it doesn’t look good for the crew’s chances of Keeping Prince long term. And if they do it will inevitably handcuff them from a payroll stand point in fielding a competitive team.

My take: in Doug we trust. I’m sure he will make a great offer to Prince so that he can tell the fans “we tried”. And then I hope we get some great value for him to refill the system’s pipeline.

Besides yes Prince will be 27 but his weight will always be a question mark. How much deferred money do you want to tie up long term in him if he becomes unproductive, injury prone and basically untradeable. (Not that he has any history of injury, but can he continue to be big and productive into his 30’s?)

Your thoughts?

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  1. Just got done reading the article by Adam Maccalvy. It all comes down to if you keep hitting on a girl for an entire night and she shoots you down. If he doesn't want to play for Milwaukee and wants his $$$ he will leave.