Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sorry, One More

Last football post until the draft, I promise. My hatred for all things Minnesota (sans Twins, I actually like them) runs deep....that loss was just too beautiful. Here's an impressive list of bumble-fuck Vikings events throughout the years. They've suffered more than Cubs fans...I heard Czabe list a couple of these the other day.:

0-4 in Super Bowls

0-5 last 5 NFC title games with three heartbreaks: on Sunday, 1998, 1987. I really don't recall 1987, but I read an article that says it's worse than 1998 and 2009 combine. Whatever. Throw in a 41-0 whitewash in the 2001 NFC Title game.

The Love Boat

Moss' shenanigans

Dimitius Underwood

The Hershael Walker trade

Mike Tice

Korey Stringer (not funny, a tragedy)

Drew Pearson

Jim Marshall running the wrong way.

The Metrodome

Finally - the Brett Favre interception. The savior. The guy who was your mortal enemy for 16 years was now the Messiah. Minnesota media voted Favre coming to the Vikings as the biggest sports story of the decade. Not Favre leading Minny to a Super Bowl trophy...just him signing with the Vikes. And in the end, the player you despised more than anyone was welcomed in like a God failed when it mattered most. Karma's a bitch.


  1. I get a kick out of your claim of hatred for all things Minnesota, and then your immediate backpedalling on the Twins. What did the T-Wolves or the Wild ever do to you? They've done absolutely nothing to warrant much hatred from anyone since their existence. I personally know Twins fans who grapple with enjoying/despising their team, despite their moderate successes - because their management never seems to make the moves to put them over the top. Its interesting to me that so many people seem to like the Twins (a team that I personally loathe).

    As neither a Packer or Viking fan I look at this whole situation as utterly amusing and comical. Somehow Packer fans have rationalized that because Favre left them for the Jets, and then made his way to the Vikings that he is some kind of traitor, and that losing the NFC Championship in 2010 is some sort of karma. I guess losing NFC Championship games for the Packers wasn't on his resume. Oh wait... that's right.

    And Viking fans aren't off the hook here either. The man they hated for so many years became their de facto savior, and beloved in the Twin Cities before he ever took a snap. Many fans, and certainly the media there didn't even take a "wait and see" approach. They raised him up to Baby Jesus (Joe Mauer) status nearly instantly.

    I give my old man credit. A Vikings fan from the Fran Tarkenton era, he hated Favre when he was with the Packers, and he hated him all year, despite the teams sucesses. Now that's consistency.

  2. Dallas Stars, didn't they used to be Minny's beloved home hockey team? How could the team from the state that invented the game of hockey leave for Texas?

    You may as well toss the City of Industry Vikings on there as well. Will be nice playing both the Lions and the Rams twice a year.

  3. At least McKinney represented the Vikings well this weekend. Or not.

    And you forgot the whizzinator.