Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Saturday Nights are Lame

So, I am sitting at home tonight drinking beer and watching random basketball games. My first question is, why doesn't Hakim Warrick get more playing time? Next question is, who thought it would be a good idea to have Casy McGehee in cowboy boots be part of a jump ball instructional on the Bucks post-game show. Third question is, how come the Miss America competition doesn't have throwing a baseball as part of the competition? I would immediately get rid of all the chicks that have no clue, except the ones with big tits. Last question is, how come I don't eat breakfast at the Comet Cafe at 3 PM more often?

Anyhow, I'm putzing around on the internet and the following are the first dozen random illegaly downloaded songs that popped up on my music player:

  1. Finding out True Love is Blind - Louis XIV
  2. My Dick - Mickey Avalon
  3. Rainbow in the Dark - Dio
  4. Moore Street Girls - The Elders
  5. Go With the Flow - Queens of the Stone Age
  6. Ride Wit Me - Nelly
  7. Everyday People - Arrested Development
  8. I Don't Know Anything - Mad Season
  9. America, Fuck Yeah - Team America World Police
  10. If you Want to be a Badger - UW Band
  11. This Modern Love - Bloc Party
  12. If I Ruled the World - NAS
What does all of this mean? I don't know.


  1. Alas, had I known your Saturday night evening was going to be so exciting, I would have invited you along for the Bucks game, instead of taking a pukey pre-schooler. You would have no doubt taken some joy in seeing Dwayne Wade play some pretty bad basketball in person.

  2. Did you let Jax eat the whole $14 pretzel?

  3. Nope - took Jace to his first game. Did great for 1.5 Quarters. Then got violently ill on Dippin' Dots and threw up all over the concourse (and on me).

    Shortest duration ever recorded for myself at a sporting event. Didn't even make it to half time. Poor guy had to go home though...

  4. This might be the most random post ever. Awesome.

    that's quite the range of musical taste you have.

    Books... Fuck yeah!