Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fun Times At The Bradley Center

Murdock invited me to a Bucks game on Saturday night, against the Bobcats. The tickets were courtesy of Gopher Bandanna Man. Thanks GBM - I can see why you picked these seats for your season tickets. Holy hell, what a series of characters, and what a show off of the court at the Bradley Center.

The first time that I thought something might be up was when some cockgobbler walked up the stairs towards the concourse and tripped face first on his way up, spilling his beer everywhere. He got up as graciously as he could, and then threw a solid ass-slap at his colleague as he continued up the stairs. What possessed him to slap an ass after the fall is anyone's guess, but it was terrific theater.

Right behind us was another character - a character with a walking stick. Not a cane. Not a walker. A walking stick. Gandalf look-alike in the house!

I tried several times to take a surreptitious picture of staff man, but every time I tried he seemed to be staring right at me. Finally I was able to grab this picture:

Yeah, that's right, staff man! With a lovely lady in white as well!

The picture also shows another excellent feature of our section - apparently, we were sitting near an entire row of Energee Alumni. We thought it was odd that there were a number of vaguely attractive, but sort of worn-out looking, ladies near our section, but once a smattering of current Energee dancers wandered into our section for some contest, and the Alumni made a ruckus to make everyone aware that they were friends with the Energee girls, it became clear that we were in an Alumni section.

Yet another random-ass fan experience had to do with some guy who was studying physics during the game. No, seriously, he was reading a physics textbook. At the game. It's the dude in the red, standing up in the picture above. He's standing next to a guy in a Packers windbreaker, who we'll talk about in a minute. Anyway, the guy in the Bulls shirt (yes, he was wearing a Bulls shirt (Salmons Fan), with an Oklahoma University hat) was honestly reading a physics textbook during every time out and stoppage in play. And he carried it with him as he went to the concourse to take a piss or purchase a fucking clue.

During halftime, there were a bunch of mascots that navigated this inflatable American Gladiator obstacle course. Meh, compared to the action in Section 218, this was nothing.

Here's a Packers fan who ended up at the Bucks game on accident. And he put his windbreaker on backwards. You can clearly (or blurrily - sorry about the picture quality) see that this clown has the v-neck of his jacket facing backwards. Now, I've owned a number of shirts in my life, but never has the v-neck faced backwards. I'm pretty sure this is just your average Packers fan in terms of IQ, however.

Anyway, as for the basketball game, the Bucks won, thanks to their three-headed monster of Bogut, Jennings and Salmons. (Should we call them the Big Three?) It was important to note that Charlotte started Nazr Fucking Mohammed at center, with the backup center (and first guy off the bench) being Theo Ratliff. Yes, Theo Ratlif is 50. Stephen Jackson scored about 50 points, but did not punch even one fan during the game. He is getting soft.


  1. Sounds like a good night guys - glad you enjoyed the seats!

    A couple comments - first off, if you look to the left of Gandalf the Grey, there is an African-American gentleman sitting there. He is a regular season ticket holder, and looks a hell of a lot like Samuel L. Jackson. So much so that my wife boldly went over to tell him that he did indeed look like everyone's favorite badmotherfucker. He laughed and said thanks, and that he gets that all the time. Later we, and my fellow two season ticket holders in the row behind me (a pair of pretty funny guys) caught him dozing off in the middle of the 3rd quarter. This is also a trend with Samuel L's doppleganger, since many times since we've caught him dozing.

    Cramming for a Physics exam at a Bucks game is a new one, I must admit. Someone might have told him that its probably not the best environment to begin to understand Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion,etc. What the hell.

    Retarded Packer fans - not so much of a surprise, I've run across them before. But the backwards V-neck might almost be a new category

    Lastly, given Murdock's attendance at road Bobcat games, I think that the Charlotte Observer should give him beat-writer status.

    Sorry my boy the G-Wall couldn't put on a better show for you guys, but another good Bucks win!

  2. "vaguely attractive, but sort of worn-out looking, ladies"

    You just hit my wheel house on the head. Nice work.

    - TM

  3. great recap. makes me think back fondly of your brewers opening Day recaps.

    Ahhh soon my friend, soon.

  4. There were a couple other solid activities in our section that Stryker didn't mention. The guys sitting behind us were having a great conversation throughout the game. Mostly focused on Tiger Woods and the chicks he was nailing. It sounded like something out of the barbershop scene in "Coming to America". Would not have been surprised to hear "Joe Louis is the greatest boxer that ever lived" at any point during their conversation.

    We also had an interesting pair about 3 rows in front of us. Couldn't tell if it was a father-daughter at the game or a paid date. The chick looked about in the 18-year old age range but was wearing a bra the pushed her boobs up around her neck and an outfit that accentuated that fact. If it was a father-daughter, it was a very strange outfit choice to wear when going to a Bucks game with your dad. I think we were siding towards a rental since the guy was balding and about 3 bills.

    All in all an entertaining experience. The Bucks did the best they could to piss away the game, but held on. Yah, Wallace didn't really show up. He got T'd up in the first half and really didn't do much after that. Jackson was on fire.

    I did wear my Jodie Meeks shirt to honor his 3.5 months with the team. Unfortunately Primosz didn't enter the game.

  5. I liked the glasses the Sam Jackson guy wore. They had a blue tint going on. Awesome. I thought it he was George Koonce.

  6. I should have also mentioned the time when the backwards dressing Packers fan went nuts and started dancing when the Bucks house band (is it still called Street Life?) played "Pants on the Ground" during a timeout.

  7. Typical Packer trash. How much is a Bucks shirt at Marshals asshole? I'll tell you how much, $2!

    Why the fuck are you wearing a windbreaker in February anyway. This is just like the tards I see walking around with shorts on. We get it. You're from Wisconsin and can handle cold weather. We're all very impressed by your white ass legs.