Monday, February 22, 2010

Alternate Uniform Bonanza

Fresh off the news that the Brewers will be sporting a new road alternate uniform this season that features the word "Milwaukee" comes word that the Packers might have an alternate throwback jersey this season. So says Uni Watch:

Based on something I saw earlier, I’m almost certain the Packers will be wearing 1929 throwbacks. Those are dark blue jerseys with a dark blue numeral inside a gold circle over khaki pants and dark blue socks. Of course, per today’s uniform standards, the circle and numeral on the front would be much larger, and I believe the style guide showed a solid brown helmet with gray mask to simulate the leather ones some players wore in 1929. It’s gone from the server now, however — I guess I’m lucky I saw it.

The Brewers jersey is nothing exciting but placates those who have been crying for years that the Brewers road jerseys don't mention where they are from. The packers jerseys, now those are a change from the usual. If the lose while wearing this jersey, I am pretty sure Ted Thompson will be blamed.


  1. Not all NFL throwback uniforms are bad, but it's a trend that's been forced for too long. Just let the Packers be/look like the Packers and move on.

  2. I thought one of the great things about the Packers, Bears, Stealers, were that they currently wear classic uniforms?

    First Joe Paterno's lasik and now this, what is this world coming to?