Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Fun with the Bucks

Went to the Bucks game last night with Gopher Bandanna Man and sat in the same seats that Stryker and I sat in on Saturday night. Unfortunately, maybe due to the insane road conditions, none of the characters that were in attendance on Saturday night were at the Bradley Center last night. Thus, I did not get to see overweight walking stick man, physics guy, Mr. beer spilling ass slapper, the worn out former Energee current hair stylist/admin assistant/dental assistant/fitness instructor girls, and last but not least, backwards v-neck Packers jacket guy.

What I did see was the Bucks kick the crap out of the Hornets. Bogut continues to dominate useless centers. A few nights ago he killed the undersized David Lee. Tonight he killed the appropriately sized but talent lacking Emaka Okafor. Bogut scored in the mid-20's and had double digit rebounds and didn't even play in the 4th quarter. That was the nice part about this blow out. With another game tonight and the Bucks playing 5 games in 7 nights, Bogut and Jennings sat the entire 4th quarter. Salmons and Mbah a Moute hardly played in the 4th. It was nice to be able to rest these guys. It was also a great moment when Primoz Brezec made his Bucks debut and picked up a rebound in 2 minutes of action. Some day I will be able to tell my children and their children that I was there the day Primoz made his Bucks debut.

One other highlight was listening to the Bucks pre-game show on the thrilling drive to the Fortress on Fourth. Our favorite local radio douche Bill Michaels was opining about if it was worth it for the Bucks to make the playoffs only to lose in the first round. Bucks play-by-play guy Ted Davis responded that people who feel that way are probably "too stupid to breathe". Pretty much sums up how I feel about Bill Michaels.

All in all a good game to attend. The Bucks are 6-1 at games I attend this year. It has been a fun season. The schedule isn't the easiest coming up, but we know this Bucks team always competes and it will be fun to watch them try to make the playoffs and maybe even get a decent seed.


  1. Nice recap Rog - it surely was uneventful relative to all the yahoos you and Mr. Stryker observed last Saturday.

    Bogut is really coming into his own lately. 26 points in 29 minutes last night. Pretty damn efficient. He should dominate tonight again too, vs. the ineffectual Roy Hibbert.

    The schedule in March gets a bit tougher in terms of quality of opponents (Cleveland x2, Denver, Boston, Atlanta), but the plus side is that of the 15 games in March, 10 are at home. So the table is set to have a fairly successful finish to the year.

  2. On the broadcast tonight Pachske called Royal Ivey Acie Earl. The Bucks definitely have the worst TV broadcast team in the biz.

    In other news, Indiana Hoosier Basketball would be at the bottom of the standings in the Horizon League and Crean gets ejected just so he doesn't have to shake Bo's hand.

  3. Blog blog blog! Blog? Blog blog blog blog. Blog blog? blog!



  4. Ivey, Earl - hey at least they both played hoops at Texas colleges.

    I was more nervous about what Johnny Mac was going to let slip from his mouth when the ref missed TJ Fords blatent 2-steps on the baseline before being fouled...

  5. Acie Earl was a Hawkeye. One of Dr. Tom's boys. I think you are thinking of Acie Law IV.

  6. Yes - you are correct. I was thinking of Law, and trying to be a Paschke apologist, since I kinda like him.

    Acie Earl was indeed a Hawkeye under Dr. Tom. Great flat top, and a center to boot. How Paschke confused Earl with Ivey, is beyond me.