Saturday, February 27, 2010

This Commercial is the Balls

If you watch the Big Ten Network, and 60% of my winter TV viewing is the Big Ten Network, you see this commercial about 8 times a day. I love this commercial. It really speaks to the Republican in me. Makes me want to drive a semi across the country.


  1. I think Toby Keith directed this commercial

  2. We've talked about it before Rog, but for me - this commercial insults hirsute men and their 5 o'clock shadows across this great land. The poor bastard drives thru the night cross-country to get home to his beautiful (and apparently hyper-superficial) wife only to be essentially told that he needs to shave before he can be in her presence. If that's the deal, then he should have stopped off for some coffee and a hooker halfway home.

    I'd also point out there that Barbosol is an inferior shave lubricant, and I oughta know, since I've been shaving since I was like 9. Why don't I just use single blade disposable razors too. All Barbosol is good for in reality is for rookie hazing, and for sleepovers in 5th grade.

    That said, the commercial does have a strong patriotic feel to it, that reminds you that it is less annoying than Rotel spots. Why can't they bring back Victor and Roman of the Citi Cards 'Very Very Rewarding' schtick.

  3. On the old blog there were several references to the "Very Rewarding" commercials. If they could have Victor and Roman in the Barbasol semi, that would be the best commercial of all time. Tiger fast.

  4. This commercial would have ended a lot better had he grabbed the shaving cream she left him, took it up stairs and shaved her pussy.