Saturday, February 27, 2010

An Underrated Aspect of Rick Peterson

Pretty much every story previewing the 2010 Brewers has mentioned the new pitching coach Rick Peterson, and generally these stories include the word "biomechanics".

There's no doubt that Peterson is critical to Milwaukee's chances this year given the piss poor pitching (alliteration - like it?) last season.

What these stories haven't discussed, however, is the biomechanics of Rick Peterson's hair.

It appears to be able to withstand moisture, at least on top.

It is really a good look.

I'm telling you, this is going to be something to monitor this season.


  1. Interesting 'do. I can't decide if he looks like an Americanized Dr. Who, or some non-descript character from the movie 'Blow'.

  2. Holy crap. Keep the hat on, Rick!

  3. He could use a bitchin' mustache to go with that curly mullet.

  4. He looks like Dennis DeYoung of Styx fame. My buddy and I have raved about it since his flowing locks caught my attention at Brewer's convention.

  5. Too much time on my hands.

  6. To To To To Too Much Time on my haaaaaaaaaaands!!