Monday, March 1, 2010

Steve Alford - The State of New Mexico's Highest Paid Douchebag

Check out Alford’s latest d-bag level behavior, getting into a rather juvenile post-game argument with BYU player, Jon Tavernari, that is culminated with his calling Tavernari an 'asshole'.  Nice to see the person who I would guess is the highest paid public employee in the State of New Mexico keepin' it real.  The genesis of this moment comes from some chippy play in last minute of a very tight game, where Tavernari received an elbow for d-ing up a tad too long.  New Mexico ended up winning, which makes Alfords behavior all the more ridiculous.  Be the bigger person, and walk it off the court.

Granted, no player should be mouthing off to another coach before, during, or after a game, that's a rule we all learned playing team sports very early. But he’s 20-years old, for crying out loud. He doesn't have the judgement of an experienced Division I head coach, especially one who just won the game. Of course, if I were a player who knew anything about Alford's history at Iowa, I might also be disinclined to be a bit more respectful.

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