Monday, March 1, 2010

I Take The Mad That I Feel And Use It To Destroy Freaky Puppets

The boy and I watched a DVD that he got from the library the other day - Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. The episode was titled "What Do You Do With the Mad That You Feel?" or something like that.

In an upset, Mr. Rogers did not teach me to suppress the mad that I feel until it eats away at my soul. Surprising, since I must have learned that from somewhere. Probably Sesame Street.

There were songs, there was a video tour of the plant where they make construction paper narrated by Mr. McFeely (made me want to be a factory worker making construction paper in the 80's all over again), and there was of course a trip to the Neighborhood of Make Believe.

I would like to know why the folks producing this show thought it was a good idea to use the above-pictured freaky puppet in a children's television show. Lady Elaine is a freak.


  1. I kinda get that feeling that Lady Elaine Fairchild was some sort of charicature of Mr. Roger's ex-wife. Bitchy personality, droning voice, the nose and cheeks of a drunk. Sort of a final 'fuck you' to his former old lady.

    Although I'm not even aware if Mr. Rogers had an ex-wife. Guess I could Wikipedia it or something, but nah, now I kinda like thinking that's where the idea for that freakshow puppet came from.

  2. That puppet freaks me out.