Monday, February 8, 2010

HOF Rant

The NFL announced who will be in the 2010 Hall Of Fame. My first response was echoed by Stryker via text message: "John Randle, really? John Randle, first ballot HOF - REALLY?" I know, he's got a bunch of Pro Bowls and the like, but never once was I watching a game and thought "That's a hall of famer." But who cares what I think....I swear I never heard ANYBODY refer to him as a "Future HOFer" during his playing days or immediately after he retired. Did you remember reading: "Now that Randle hung up his cletes, the next stop is Canton." Nope. A first-ballot guy, no less?

And to show this isn't just an anti-Vikings rant, Cris Carter ABSOLUTELY belongs in. How is this guy not in the HOF already?

Can't leave without a Packer pledge - Old School edition. If you think Carter is getting the shaft, how about Jerry Kramer? In 1970, a NFL 50th Anniversary All-Time Team was selected. Kramer was one of the five O-linemen selected. Actually, he was the only Guard to make the team. Thus, he was voted as the best Guard in the first 50 years of the NFL's existence, but he's not in the Hall of Fame. W. T. F?

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  1. Yeah, that was pretty much my reaction as well. And I agree on Carter as well. He was the premiere possession receiver throughout the 90s, #3 all time in catches, #7 all time in receiving yards, and 8th all time in TDs. Pretty damn impressive, and HOF #s in my book.

    Jerry Kramer has been getting the shaft for decades now. I'd just give up on that happening.