Monday, February 8, 2010

Bogut and Assie ESPN

This is long (25 minutes) but find the time to watch it. It is pretty good. Actually makes me like Bogut.

To be fair never hated him.

Enjoy ESPN Australia's day with Bogut.

Yeah that’s right there is an espn Australia.

Did you know that Milwaukee was the capital city of the state of Wisconsin?


  1. Believe it or not, I actually watched the whole thing. Good stuff. Its reassuring to hear that the lives of some NBA players are as boring as mine.

    I've been a Bogut fan since we drafted him, and have really enjoyed watching him develop every year. He's gotten better every year, and he seems to add a new post move to his arsenal at the same frequency. Maybe not the sexiest #1 overall pick, but he may end up being the cornerstone piece to build a team around that makes deep playoff runs.

    Two other observations:

    1) That was not the first time I heard Aussies refer to Milwaukee as the capitol city of WI. When I lived there, everyone knew Milwaukee from watching 'Happy Days' in syndication, and assumed it was the capitol city.

    2) Seeing the highlights from that Lakers game again stings. We had that thing won, and got completely screwed on that block call. Still the Bucks can't let Kobe have 2 cracks at a game-winner. Oh, and I'm loathe to point it out, but Bogut had a nice offensive game, but got abused by the Hairy Spainard for 26 points and 22 boards. Not Andrew's finest defensive performance to be sure.

  2. Admittingly I am not a big NBA guy. But I have watched a few Bucks games over the past few years dew to a good client of mine is a HUGE fan.

    Long story short Bogut is a leader on this team. I like his intensity and attitude. He really brings it every night. I also like how he really believes this team can do something.

    Let's hope he is right.

    Unrelated: Get rid of Mike Redd.

  3. Getting rid of Redd would have been a lot easier BEFORE his second knee injury. Sadly, he has virtually no trade value now. The Bucks will be eating that contract to the end.

  4. Long Shot but would love T-Mac salary dump trade, both parties win. Sadly I don't see this happening.