Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another Horrible Draft - 2006 NBA Draft

Following up on the shit show that was the 2002 NBA Draft, let's move forward in time a couple of years to the 2006 NBA Draft. I think this draft was actually worse than 2002, which is incredible - but you be the judge.

Here are the top 20 picks in the 2006 NBA Draft. Keep in mind, this was 3.5 years ago. How many of these players have you even heard of?

Andrea Bargnani - This is a serviceable player, a 7 footer who has a lot of Brad Lohaus in him. Likes to load it up from distance. But #1 overall?

LaMarcus Aldridge - A good player. Drafted by Chicago, and immediately traded in a deal that netted them Tyrus Thomas. Whoops!

Adam Morrison - The winner of the Bobby Hurley Award from the 2006 NBA Draft. Now on the Lakers, he played in 8 games in the 2008-09 season for L.A. Career average of 7.8 ppg.

Tyrus Thomas - He pretty much sucks - the only thing he's good at is getting suspended.

Shelden Williams - In any other year, he would have been a lock for the Bobby Hurley Award. A top 5 pick who is on his 4th team in 4 years.

Brandon Roy - A stud. Unquestionably the best player in this draft. Minnesota drafted him and then traded him for Randy Foye. Double oops.

Randy Foye - Meh.

Rudy Gay - A fine player. Giving Gay a good name.

Patrick O'Bryant - A complete disaster. Averaged 5 minutes per game in his 86 game NBA career. Joe Alexander thinks this guy sucks as a top 10 pick.

Saer Sene - Um. Yeah. This is the only player that is more terrible than Patrick O'Bryant at the top of this draft. I think he was the last straw that caused the Supersonics to move to Oklahoma.

J.J. Redick - Yet another strong contender for the Bobby Hurley Award. Shockingly, has not been able to create his own shot in the NBA.

Hilton Armstrong - A poor man's Dan Gadzuric.

Thabo Sefalosha - He played for 3 teams in the 2008-09 season. Probably not a good sign.

Ronnie Brewer - A pretty decent player. Compared to the rest of this draft class, he's a first ballot Hall of Famer.

Cedric Simmons - Although not a good professional basketball player, he is fine stand-up comedian. Wait, he's not Cedric the Entertainer? In that case, he blows.

Rodney Carney - I'm running out of synonyms for the word "sucks".

Shawne Williams - No idea.

Oleksiy Pecherov - He has actually played 100 games in the NBA. Is quite tall. I've not heard of him.

Quincy Douby - Already out of the league.

Renaldo Balkman - Another Isaiah Thomas special. Averaged 7.4 ppg. In college.

On a re-draft, this draft probably goes like this:

1. Brandon Roy
2. LaMarcus Aldridge
3. Rudy Gay
4. Rajon Rondo
5. Paul Millsap

Seriously, this draft was such a debacle that Paul Millsap would have been a top-5 pick if it was held today. Or Andrea Bargnani might have slipped in there at #5. Either way, holy hell.

I'm not sure this can be topped. But I hope one of you guys tries to beat it.

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  1. You win. (Me waiving the white flag)