Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's all about the W.

Not going to lie, I love to watch the Badgers beat the Spartans. As painful as it is to watch the Badgers offense sometimes, last night's victory was pretty sweet. It was nice to build a 15 point first half lead even though the badgers were sans their two best players (Luer - injured; Hughes - 3 miutes, foul problems). Tough break for MSU with Lucas going down. They can join the parade of Wisconsin, Ohio Stat, Purdue, and Northwestern in sustaining an injury to a key player. This opens up the Big Ten race. Oh, and it gives me an excuse to post this Erin Andrews photo.

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  1. As I told Emmett off-line, the best part of Wisconsin beating MSU is the MSU fan reaction.

    MSU fans appear to have several basic complaints when it comes to the Badgers:

    1. They are coached to play dirty. See: Keaton Nankivil intentionally put his foot underneath Kalin Lucas' foot so that Lucas would land on it after taking a jump shot, thus injuring Lucas. Dirty play.

    2. They flop on defense.

    3. They run a gimmicky offense that, while technically legal, is somehow not played within the intent of the rules of college basketball.

    4. They might beat MSU like a drum on a fairly regular basis, but because Bo Ryan hasn't been to a Final Four or won a National Championship he is not to be respected as a coach.

    5. Badger fans don't afford the admiration and respect to Tom Izzo that he deserves.