Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fear the Deer

Pay attention Wisconsin.  Even though March Madness is nearly upon us, and conference tourneys are in full swing, the Bucks are still playing.  And playing well.  With all due respect to Bo Ryan and Buzz Williams, the best basketball in Wisconsin right now is being played by your Milwaukee Bucks.  Hell, after beating the Celtics earlier this week, they are even starting to get some national attention.

They play hard and defend.  Bogut's progression as a big man has been impressive, the Salmons trade has worked out better than I imagined, and although Jennings' scoring is down he's running the offense quite efficiently for a rookie. As a group, they've bought into Skiles system, and its paying dividends right now.  It goes without saying that I'm really enjoying the season.  

Then this evening, my inbox received a reminder email on some reduced ticket prices for some of the upcoming games.  With it came the slightly modified Bucks logo graphic above, along with the slogan 'Fear the Deer'.  While I can take or leave the slogan, the blood-red eyes are a nice touch.  They're menacing and kinda bad-ass, without having to add a bull-snort to make the deer seem serious.  I really hope the Bucks keep this look. Maybe flashing the eyes red up on the scoreboard during critical stretches of the game would get the fans fired up and feeling serious about their Bucks.  Or maybe not, given some of the clowns that have been observed at the BC of late (see 'Fun Times at the Bradley Center').  Its better than some cartoon-style font that says 'Get Loud' or 'Make Noise' anyways.  Point is - I like it.  


  1. Bandana, nice post. As someone who worked with the BC on game operations I would have to agree with you make noise comment. Proud to say that never came up while I was there nor did who let the dogs out of cotton eye joe.

    Anyway I really just wanted to ask what ever happened to our Bucks insider’s weekly bucks recap? How come that had to die with Chuckie Hacks? I think fans and bandwagon fans alike would appreciate the reports reemergence.

    In closing: Fear the Deer!

  2. I miss the "Bark Board" and Tim Thomas pleading for the crowd to make some noise. Hell, I miss Tim Thomas.
    With the deals that are out there, you can go to a Bucks game at a decent price. You can get decent upper level tix for around $15. Lower tix can be had for less than $40. Get out to the BC.

  3. Nubs. I do agree that we need Woz's buddy back. He had great reports when they sucked. I imagine they would be off the charts now.

  4. So I have a question now Nubs, since you intrigued me with your former job. How do decisions get made on say - what music gets played, what graphics and sound bytes get used and when? Is it generally in the hands of one person, or is there a committe of people that need to agree on changes? I assume there isn't a whole lot of freelancing that can go on, since even Ronnie Taylor is extremely scripted.