Sunday, March 28, 2010

Adventures in Bradley Centering-Bucks get by Grizz

Ah, the Sunday afternoon NBA game.  They don't come up that often, and there's something about walking out of the BC and into the bright sunlight that is different and appealing.  For that reason alone, I was looking forward to this game.  And so, given the 'easy like Sunday morning' feel the day had,  my oldest son and I headed down to the BC for a pre-game lunch and a Bucks game versus the Grizzlies.

First stop - I decided to give 'Centercourt' (formerly 'Gametime') a try for some eats.   Like many, I always loved the location of 'Gametime', but found their food to be reprehensible.  I had heard earlier in the season that 'Centercourt' was not just a name change, but also completely new ownership, and that the food was surprisingly good.  My son agreed to try it out, disappointed that he wouldn't be getting rockets filled with peanuts carpet bombing him at AJ Bombers, but willing to give it a go, since they assuredly had chicken fingers on the menu.  After surveying their board of fare, I found several items that sounded appetizing, but ultimately went with the pulled pork sandwich, made with their own house BBQ sauce.  It was messily good, and the bun in particular was outstanding.  The boy had the chicken fingers, which looked terrific.  I ended up snagging one from him in trade for a pickle and some candy to be named later.  It was outstanding, and definitely not fried up out of some box Sysco pulled off the freezer truck. Hand-cut and hand-breaded most likely. To top it off, the service was fast and friendly.  We got in and out in less than 30 minutes, and it coulda been faster were it not for the pace my son ate at.  If you haven't been there yet, give it a try, 'Courtside' is significantly better than 'Gametime'.

On to the game itself.  Knowing Bogut might be out for this game, and with Delfino assuredly out, I felt pretty sure that I'd be walking out of there with the Bucks losing their 3rd straight.  Memphis is a better team than a lot of people think (but understandable, given their past), and have a nice core of players (Mayo, Gay, Gasol).  Starting lineups were announced, and Bogut was suited up and in the lineup.  Things are looking better now.  Early on in the 1st, they get the ball to inside Bogut, and he quickly gets 6 points.  He's looking healthy - no signs of that bad back, early anyways.  The rest of the way its pretty much neck and neck, nobody leading by more than 8 the whole way.

While I didn't see the same menagerie of jackasses that Murdock and Stryker did (it will be hard to top that night I'm guessing), there was this old bag...

...who by 'hook or crook' (more hook) was gonna get herself one of those parachuting t-shirts (that she'd undoubtably never wear).  Yeah, that's right - she was swinging that cane around to clip the 'chutes.  And she nearly clocked at least 2 people in the row below her.  Best of all, she didn't manage to get a shirt.  What the hell is it about Bucks games and people with canes?  I'm sure I don't know.  Glad I brough the camera along (all blurry pics posted here courtesy of me)

Some other general observations from the game:
  • I LOVE the Memphis road jerseys.  That metallic blue sheen just screams of the austentatiousness that more teams should exhibit.  Its showtime baby! Dress like it.
  • Marc Gasol clearly didn't get beat with the ugly stick as hard as his brother on the Lakers (see pic below).  He's downright handsome relative to Pau, and actually has a jawline. Both are still hair covered marshmallows though.
  • Rudy Gay is a very versatile player, with a sweet jumper.  I enjoyed his game. 
  • Hasheem Thabeet is up from the D-League.  From the looks of things, he should head right back.
  • Jennings played a pretty nice offensive game (aside from a few ill-advised shots), but he made Mike Conley Jr. look like a damn All-Star at times.  That 'foul' near the end of regulation he had on Conley was garbage though.
  • Salmons continues to hit big shots when we need them.  Trading for him worked out better than I could have dreamed.
  • People started to line up for the 'shoot a free throw on the court' after the game promo with 2 minutes left in regulation of a tight game.  They stayed there through the overtime.  I wonder if any of them knew there was even game was on.
  • Overall a pretty good crowd at the BC - lower deck 90%+ full, and LOUD.
  • Jersey of the day - A kid with a purple #20 Gary Payton.  Now that might just be a collectors item.  Was he even on the team long enough for them to manufacture those?

Big win for the Bucks, against another quality opponent (don't laugh, Memphis is above 0.500 in the West, currently fighting for the 8th playoff slot).  Let's hope we can stay healthy enough to hang on to the 5th or 6th seed (although I'd prefer the 6th if it means matching up with the geriatric Celtics).
Other than that, I'll leave you with this picture of Energee!, as a friendly reminder to get on down to the BC for some Bucks basketball.


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  1. Nice review. Good to hear the thing that went into the Gametime spot is legit. You really picked some great seats. Lots of off the court activity in that section. The Bucks need to win tonight because I think the Cavs will be out for blood tomorrow.