Sunday, April 4, 2010

Exhibition Baseball Fever...Catch It!

Random thoughts from Saturday's Brewers game:

1) I'm generally a straight Johnsonville brat guy, but I think I'm now a Klements convert. After all, when you've run out of Klements, you've run out of taste.

2) Detroit Tigers fans travel well. There were a TON of Tigers fans considering it was an exhibition game. Kudos, Detroit.

3) No matter what his bio says, we were pretty sure Gregg Zaun is from Rhinelander - just look at the guy? Maybe Antigo.

4) Somehow, someway, Brewer fans love Corey Hart. I was smirking in anticipation of the PA guy announcing his name....was eager to partake in the booing. Well, I was the only one! Seriously, after Prince/Brauny, Hart got the loudest ovation. I couldn't fucking believe it!! Maybe it was an unintelligent fan base because it was an exhibition game. Could be why...

5)...Jim Edmonds is the best free agent signing of all time. Well, at least that's what the surrounding fans were saying. It's like it's 1998 or something.

6) My Guy this year is the Brewers backup catcher, Cottaras or something like that. Why? Because his AB music is old school LL Cool J. Nice!

7) Phil Coke is one of the better names in baseball. I loved checking the scoreboard and seeing "Coke" in the pitchers spot. He got shelled.
8) Brewer pitchers were in 2009 mid-season form by serving up about 5 bombs. I thought Looper was gone?

9) It's official: Miller Lite is undrinkable. That shit is disgusting.

10) The game ended like only a Little League game could. The Tigers went Yakety Sax on a routine ground ball allowing two Brewers to score. It's something you'd only see in coed softball at UWEC.

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  1. Nice. I was there both Friday and Saturday, and enjoyed myself amongst the contingent of Tigers fans throughout the lower levels.

    Hart jerseys and a dimwitted fan base was out in full force, and I was also disgusted. Its gotta be the $10 seats. See my follow-up post for details...