Wednesday, April 21, 2010

NFL Draft Busts of the 2000's

Emmit This is for you. Pretty good read and thought you would enjoy.

Draft-Busts-of-the-2000s-Where-are-they-now- From Yahoo's Shut down Corner


  1. Some good stuff on that link to be sure, but I'm a little surprised they missed 3 glaring busts (IMO), the biggest being Browns #1 overall pick Courtney Brown.

    Where's Ron Dayne and Jamal Reynolds? They were both massively underwhelming pros for where they were picked (Dayne #11 in 2000) and Reynolds #10 in 2001. These two clowns deserve to be on that list more than Reggie Bush or Ernie Sims for sure.

  2. Great observation Bandanna. But I was surprised you missed that of all the busts that could have been pictured picked a former Bucky

  3. Yes - good work on sharing that pic of Wendell Bryant he is smiling because he is going to rob the Cardinals blind.

    Other Badger draft day standouts include Antaj Hawthorn and Jonathan Clinkscale in 2005, having the dubious honor of having failed their drug tests (positive for maryjane) during the combine.