Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thank You, Nubs

That was a fantastic link. Which prompted me to make a few stupid predictions on the NFL's an annual event. I watch way too much college football and read way too much draft talk NOT to make a few predictions. Delete this in two years when all this junk is wrong.

Random Guys I like:

DonkeyKong Suh, DT, Nebraska. If he's not a stud, I give up. I'll put all my football credibility (if there is any) that he's a monster in the NFL. Hopefully Detroit is dumb enough to pass on him, because he might throw Scott Wells into the bleachers next year.

Jerry Hughes, OLB, TCU - I'll do backflips if GB takes him at 23. Love this guy.

Eric Berry, S, Tenn - Ed Reed, Part II

OB Schoefield, OLB, Wiscy - I'd absolutely take a flyer on this guy in round 4-5. I like his game.

Rolando McClain, MLB, Bama - He's this year's Patrick Willis. Will get picked in the 12-15 range, but ends up as one of the top 5 players of this draft. Book it.

Mike Iupati, G, Idaho - He's a guard. From Idaho. What's not to like? Seriously, he's like the slow kid in high school who was a stud football player. Dumb as a box of hammers, but loved to maul kids. That's this guy.

Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma - Stud. He's Jermichael Finley all over again. Looking like a 2nd rounder, which is crazy.

Rennie Curran, LB, Georgia - I watch a lot of SEC football. This guy's always making plays. Steal in the 4-5 rounds.

Guys I don't like

Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma - I don't see it. I'll probably be %100 wrong, but he'll be a bust of David Carr-proportions.

Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame - He's from Notre Dame, so I'm obligated to hate him.

Bryan Bulaga, Beef, Iowa - Come on. Just watch the tape of Brandon Graham abusing him like Stryker on a Gin and Tonic. Maybe Graham is awesome, but still.

Jason Pierre-Paul, OLB, South Florida. The next Demarcus Ware, supposedly. Dripping with talent (6-5 and fast), he's a basketball player in cleats. Too bad he plays like, well, a basketball player in cleats. Watch the Raiders take him at 8.

Tim Tebow, You know The Rest - No way, no how, he's a good NFL QB. And I actually like him. He's a good guy, I love the SEC, and he was a great College Football player. If somebody takes him in the first round, they should be fired. He's just not an NFL QB. He throws like Allen Evridge. Plus, I heard Dickie Vitale on the radio a half-dozen times endorsing Tebow. Dickie V also said the Magic were crazy for drafting Dwight Howard over Emecka Okafer and thought Chris Bosh was a terrible pick....and Mike Dunleavy Jr was a future star. So there. If he can't get basketball drafts right, what the fuck does he know about football?

Dez Bryant, WR, Okey St - This guy's a greasefire.


  1. Millen is long gone now, and Schwartzy has a focus on defense. The only way the Lions DON'T take A boy named Suh is if the Rams do, or they can parlay that #2 pick into trading back with the Redskins and getting Haynesworth and then drafting Berry.

    My money is on Suh being a Lion for the next 6-8 years, and treating NFC North linemen like rag dolls.

    Although if the Rams wise up and take Suh, I'd be fine with McCoy if we can't trade back for Berry.

    Watch for Eric Decker (or Nutpunch Decker as Murdock refers to him) to be the SOD. Someone will get a fantastic and fearless possession receiver in the early 3rd round. Smart too - who woulda thunk that a Gopher would have had the highest Wunderlic score in the draft? This guy that's who.

  2. I hear the Lions may trade for Darren McFadden.

  3. Just heard that rumor. I'd be alright with that, provided we don't have to move out of the #2 slot.

    One other guy that I would put on my own 'Guys I like' List for this years Draft is Central Michigan QB, Dan LaFevour. This kid can flat out sling the football, don't let his playing in the MAC for the Chippies fool ya.

  4. Well, they drafted Bulaga. Everytime I think of Iowa O-Linemen, I think of Bob Gallary and Ross Verba...which is more my fault than Bulaga's. Looking big picutre, it seems to be a great value pick at a position of need, so there's not much to complain about. I still don't like him, though.

    GBG - I don't like your Lions getting better. It's looking more and more like those two games on the schedule won't be bye weeks anymore. A young offense with Stafford, Johnson, Pettigrew and Best has some serious potential. And Suh will be a sonofabitch for years. Playoffs next year - book it.

    Nubs - your Bears better watch out or they could be the NFC North's bottom feeders pretty soon! - Emmett

  5. Correction: Lions won't make the playoffs this coming year, but in 2011. Emmett

  6. Wow a new Emmett flip flop record 7 minutes!

    Bears don't need draft picks, when you are that aggressive on free agency.


  7. I'm not optimistic enough to say playoffs in 2011. I'll go with 2012. I like what is happeining in the post-Millen era though. that is for sure. The D-line was addressed this year in the draft and thru FA. Pieces on offense are set (aside from a replacement for Backus's lame-ass), and I expect next year the cornerback position will get some serious attention.