Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pirates Cure What Ails the Crew

Well, the Brewers appear to be righting the ship against their old punching bag, the Pittsburgh Pirates. Dating back to last season, the Brewers have won 5 in-a-row against the Buccos. You may remember that for a stretch from 2008 to the middle of the '09 season the Brewers owned the Pirates. A world famous Brewers blog called Chuckie Hacks (I have been told this site was awesome) detailed the 17 straight victories. Then after the All-Star break last year the Brewers somehow lost 6 out of 7 to the Pirates before closing out the season with a 3-game sweep of the perennial cellar-dwellers.

Well, the bats started coming alive on Sunday after the shutout and they have actually recieved two good pitching performances in a row. Prince had a great 11 pitch AB before he singled. I think he hit two shots that were HR distance, just pulled them a bit too much. Braun is playing up to his superstar level and our catcher position still can't hit, so at this moment, all is right in Brewerland.

In other news, I think it is time for everyone to Jump on the Dick Weeks bandwagon. Still plenty of room. Last week our good friend Woz talked about offering an extension. If the Brewers think his wrists are ok, I would be all for this. As long as they don't make him do uncomfortable pre-game interviews with Corey Provus. I think I got a headache listening to him before today's game.

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  1. sheesh, save some for the Cubs this weekend. The Crew's bats are HOT! 16 runs on 20 hits and counting.