Saturday, May 15, 2010

I miss advertising like this.

I was never a big fan of GM's Pontiac line of cars from the 80s on up (with the exception of the mid-80s Fiero, and the more recent G8), but I was a big fan of their 'We Build Excitement' commercials.   Murdock, you can keep your Barbosol ads - this is one has much higher production values, and fewer women who have an unreasonable fear of hirsute men.  Catchy riffs and backbeat, glam rock band in silhouette, overly masculine female vocals, some couple arguing (presumably over who gets to drive that '88 Grand Am), a look of acknowledgement from the gay couple across the street.  This ad has it all.

And to top it off, it looks like it was filmed on the set of Miami Vice.  Crank up your headphones and enjoy.


  1. So, the chick slaps him and then at the end they hug? That was awesomely terrible.

  2. I suddenly have an urge to op my collar and buy a pontiac?